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Pet Adoption Fees May Increase in Vermilion Co.

VERMILION COUNTY -- Costs continue to rise from food to medicine and the fee to adopt a pet has stayed the same for years.

That's why the Vermilion County Animal Shelter says it needs to raise adoption fees.

County Board Chairman Gary Weinard says, "As we explain the fact that costs continue to go up, we have to recoup the costs somewhere, it's either out of the general fund and the general tax levy, or in this case, if we can raise the fees a little bit to help with those costs."

The shelter's plan has passed through two committees but will not go into affect until it is approved by the county board.

Weinard says, "Once it's approved, it could be enacted immediately.  We really haven't talked about a time schedule."

Prices are eighty dollars across the board, but with the changes, the price of a puppy would more than double to one-hundred and seventy-five dollars.

Weinard says, "And the reason for that is puppies are more adoptable than mature, older dogs are and of course with a puppy you ave the opportunity to train that puppy and that puppy is probably going to be with you longer."

Cats would actually be twenty dollars cheaper.

Weinard adds, "Cats are probably the least adoptable so those fees have actually come down just a little bit."

Officials say the ultimate concern is still the care of the animals.

"We want to work where ever we can to make sure animals find homes,"  says Weinard.

The initial reaction from the public raised concerns about being able to adopt out the animals but others understand the need for more funding.

Sharon Nipper of Danville says, "They've got to survive and they've got to feed the animals and take care of them.  So, I mean, none of that's cheap, nothing is."

The Vermilion County Board will take up this issue at the next meeting on August 13th.

ABC NewsChannel 15's Heather Good Reports