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New State Boating Law

"A boat is a very dangerous piece of equipment if not handled properly," says boater David Wright.

And that is what Illinois law makers believed when they enacted legislation to deter boaters from drinking while on the water.

Brian Klett is a boater and says, "I believe it's a good law.  I believe the importance of having some consequences, if they're drinking out on the lake and they're intoxicated, when they get in their vehicle they are also going to be intoxicated."

Senate Bill 1479 states anyone operating a motor boat under the influence that causes a serious or fatal accident could face losing their driver's license.

Klett says, "I think it's fair.  I think anytime that anytime you are operating machinery, motorcycles, cars, boats there's still some risk involved.  I think it's important that people are not under the influence when they're out there."

Wright says, "I think it should be because it's no different than being out on the road."

David Wright is an avid boater and witnessed a scary incident when another boater was intoxicated.

He says, "He got too close to the shore and the skier went up on the bank."

Governor Pat Quinn says he signed the bill to protect families.

Klett says, "I hope so.  I hope that it does.  I'm saying, with the kids out, and they're tubing and there's someone out that's drunk, they might run them over.  I just think it's important to not be intoxicated also out there."

ABC NewsChannel 15's Heather Good Reports