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WICD Newschannel 15 :: News - Be The Parent - “My son has just started junior high and he has made several new friends.  How can I get to know these boys without being intrusive?”

“My son has just started junior high and he has made several new friends. How can I get to know these boys without being intrusive?”

“My son has just started junior high and he has made several new friends. How can I get to know these boys without being intrusive?”

Monday, February 11 2013, 03:48 AM CST

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“How can I teach our 10-year-old son to forgive? He holds on to hurts and offenses and has a hard time moving forward.”

“It is difficult to monitor everything our kids are exposed to. Just when I think that they’re safe from potentially harmful influences, they encounter something that’s inappropriate. How would you recommend I handle that?”

“What do parents need to consider in order to encourage their kids?”

“I am a single parent. About 6 months ago my 8 year old daughter was ill and I allowed her to sleep with me. Now I don’t have the heart to put her back into her own bed. I need some help.”

“My husband travels and when he’s gone our kids take advantage of the situation. What can I do?”

"I am a single mom and my ex-husband gave our kids a ridiculous number of gifts for Christmas -- again! How am I supposed to handle it? I can't compete with him financially."

“How can we help our children develop an attitude of gratefulness for the gifts they’ll receive this Christmas?”

“My parents and my husband’s, make time and attendance demands during the holidays? How should we handle that situation?”

“My 9-year-old son tried out for a part in the school’s Christmas program and wasn’t selected. He’s heart-broken. How should I handle this?”

It’s so easy to over-buy for my kids at Christmas. How did you handle it when your kids were young?

When I ask my 4-year-old if he can please pick up his toys, I never get the response I’m looking for Any suggestions?

My junior high daughter has changed overnight and her screaming and fits are driving everyone in the family crazy. Help!

Our first grade son enjoys art, music, and building things and he doesn’t connect with his dad who loves athletics. What can I do about this situation?

“I’m almost sure my 12 year old daughter stole money from my purse. What should I do?”

“I know I shouldn’t allow my 5 year old to be defiant, but I’m not exactly sure how to identify that kind of behavior. Can you give me an example?”

My teenage daughter trouble getting up in the morning. Any suggestions on solving this one?

My 13-year-old daughter is constantly texting. When I tell her to turn off her phone she gets angry. What should I do?

"My teenage daughter confides in her step-mother and not in me. How can I get her to come to me when she needs to talk?"

“My son is 7 and is a picky eater. Can you give me some help?”

“I’m the dad of three sons who are involved in many school activities. Their mom, my ex-wife, doesn’t tell me about ballgames or other events until the last minute. That makes it harder for me to attend & I don’t want the kids to think I don’

“My mother watches our kids when I’m at work and she’s not as strict as I am. How can I get her to change?”

“My 4-year old won’t leave me alone when I’m talking on the phone. How can I change this behavior?”

“We have 2 teenaged sons. They have been given strict rules for video games…weekends only & a time limit of 2 hours each day. They are sneaking in extra time on those days. How do we regain control, without having them rebel?”

"We recently moved across the country. Our teenage son has always been in a private school but this new one is very small. He’s lobbying to attend the public school. What are your thoughts?"

"My kids are getting to the age where discussions of drug use are necessary. Should I tell them about my poor decisions?"

"My son is 4 1/2 years old and has great difficulty with controlling his anger. How can I help him?"

"Do you have a good way to teach a child to allow enough time so that she is not late?"

"I can’t get my son to keep his room straightened up. Any suggestions?"

“My son just got married and as his mom I’m having a hard time accepting the young lady as a member of our family. Can you help?”

“I want my daughter-in-law to call me Mom. How can I convince her that’s a good idea?”

“My child lacks confidence. I keep trying to push him to try new things but he’s very reticent. How can I help him?”

“The little boys in our neighborhood like to come to our backyard and play. The problem is their ‘colorful’ vocabulary. Should I ban them from the yard?”

"I 'picked a battle' with my strong-willed daughter and then decided it wasn’t a battle worth fighting. What should I do?”

"My husband makes plans with our daughter before checking with me. I think that’s wrong. What do you think?”

"Our sons, 3 1/2 and 2, have been allowed to sleep with us and now we want them to sleep in their own beds. How do we accomplish this?

“My husband and I have been married for 3 years. Neither of us is 100% certain we want to have children. Do you have any advice or resources to help us prepare for possibly being parents?”

“My kids don’t listen when I tell them to do something. I finally end up screaming at them and everyone is upset.”

“We could really help our daughter and her husband with child-rearing. They don’t seem to want our advice. What should we do?”

“Our 16 year old daughter has suddenly become rude to both my husband and me. She even gives us the cold shoulder. What did we do?

“My 5-year-old keeps saying things like ‘I hate you’ and ‘I want a new family.’ It’s breaking my heart.”

“My son is 25 years old and is not making good decisions. I’ve tried to help him but he doesn’t listen. How can I get him to change his ways?”

“My 13-year-old daughter is in a continuing battle with her math teacher who is a perfectionist. For example, if the decimal point is not right on the line, the problem is marked wrong. Any ideas?”

“Summer is right around the corner and I want my 6-year-old son to take swimming lessons. He says he’s afraid to swim. What can I do?”

“My middle daughter seems to have developed a bad attitude. She fights with both her older and younger sister. What can I do?”

“What are your thoughts about removing an older sibling (2-year-old) from the home for a week or so when mom brings a new baby home? My daughter is considering this.”

“My 13-year-old stepson refuses to cut his way-too-long hair. He doesn’t wash it regularly either. We’ve tried paying him to get it cut but that doesn’t help and neither does his mother. What next?”

“My kids are growing up so quickly. They will soon be gone from home and I do not want to waste this time we have together. Any thoughts on how I can accomplish my goal?”

"Do you have any ideas for making curfew enforcement a little easier? I am wearing myself out by staying up waiting for my daughter to get home."

“Do you ever think it is legitimate to ignore your child’s behavior?”

"My daughter has picked up some questionable vocabulary words. What’s the best way to handle this?”

“My son has just started junior high and he has made several new friends. How can I get to know these boys without being intrusive?”

"I'm tired of nagging my 11-year old son about losing weight. Do you have any suggestions?"

"What are your thoughts about the need to deliver consequences immediately after a child crosses the boundries?"

"My 2-year-old daughter doesn't like to ride in the cart in the grocery store. Any ideas?"

"I want my kids to appreciate the gifts they will open tomorrow morning. Any tips?"

17 “I have children from a previous marriage. I respect and stay in contact with their grandparents, but Christmas is tough with my parents, my husband’s parents, and my ex-husband’s parents. Any suggestions?”

"As a new mother-in-law, how do I coordinate the holiday gatherings and remain well-loved?"

"Last Christman my teenage son didn't want to go to the family gatherings and made us all miserable while he was there. Help!

"My son behaves better for my husband than for me. I'm not sure what to do"

"My husband and I have been married for almost 3 years and for the last year, his parents have been putting pressure on us to have a child. How do we put a stop to it?"

"What boundaries do you recommend for cell phone use for kids?"

"What do you do when you and your spouse don't agree on discipline?"

“My son has difficulty making friends. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“I am a worrier. I don’t want to pass this on to my kids. Any suggestions?”

“My 7-year-old daughter doesn’t seem to be content with anything. She whines and complains. Any suggestions?”

“My husband’s father was very abusive and has never asked for forgiveness. This has affected our relationship and my husband’s relationship with our kids. What can be done?”

I have a lot of regrets from my parenting years. Is there anything I can do now that my kids are grown up?

When you make a mistake as a parent, do you admit it and talk about it with you children?

My husband and I need to learn how to have more fun in our family life. What would you suggest?

I've heard you and Kendra talk about creating a "new normal" for your family. How can my husband and I achieve that without me feeling as though I've been run over?

My son is quite a debater. He questions my decisions and wants to have discussions on the enforcement of the rules. Should I stop these conversations immediately or engage with him?

My kids, 7 and 9, fight all the time. I need some help!

My daughter always wants to help me cook. It really slows me down. What are your thoughts about kids in the kitchen?

My daughter is disrespectful. How should I respond and more importantly change her behavior?

"My son is quite a debater. He questions my decisions and wants too have discussions on the enforcement of my rules. Should I stop these conversations immediately or engage with him?"

"My son has been dealing with quite a few disappointments this summer. How can I help him move forward?"

“My daughter is very quiet yet very determined to win at all costs. Is it possible for a strong-willed child to be an introvert?”

“I feel as though I’m constantly being judged by my friends for decisions I make about my children. It is very depressing and I’m not sure what to do. Any suggestions?”

"It really bothers me when people are late. How can I teach my kids the importance of being on time?"

"I am a single mom. My kids go to their dad's home every other weekend and he has no rules for them. What can I do?"

“My 2-year-old daughter always turns her head when I give her instructions. I’m not sure she hears and understands what I’ve said. Can I enforce the boundaries I’ve set?”

“Our family relocated recently and it seems as though all discipline has disappeared. Our kids are 5, 3, and newborn. What can I do?”

“My child requires a great deal of discipline but also needs a large supply of affection. I feel like such a yo-yo with all the ups and downs -- going back and forth between disciplining and being loving/affectionate. Am I sending my child mixed message

“Please give me some tips to help me reconcile with my adult son and his wife. They are always making excuses as to why we can't talk or why I can’t see them or the grand children.”

"How much privacy should I allow my 12 year old son?"

How do you best address a daughter’s first heartbreak?

"Do you have a good way to teach a child to allow enough time so that she is not late?"

"We have two sons - 3 and 20 months old. How do we discipline both children for the same offence: one laughs at a smack on the hand while the other one looks heartbroken when I barely tap him?"

“What’s the best way to make a blended family work?”

"My daughter likes to snack all day long. Do you think that's a good idea? I'm starting to question this pattern."

“My daughter is difficult to put to bed at night. First she wants a drink then she wants me to read a story…then rub her back. It can go on for an hour. What can I do to make this process easier?”

"My parents continually override my parental authority. They are more lenient and my son has figured out how to get his way with them. What can I do?"

"My first grader is bored in class. I'm afraid she is going to start getting in trouble. What would you suggest?"

"What do you suggest I do as a grandmother of six, whose grandkids are constantly playing with those electronic gadgets when they visit?"

“My husband encourages our kids to take what he calls ‘safe risks.’ What do you think about doing that?”

“Recently I was accused of being a ‘helicopter mom.’ Give me some help because I think the title might be accurate.”

“My 8-year-old daughter is overweight. "How can I get her to go on a diet?”

“Our daughter is 16 years old and I believe she should get an after-school job. She does well in her classes and isn’t involved in extra-curricular activities. Money earned could be spent on items she wants and we can’t afford. My husband disagree

“My husband says I’m spoiling our son because I comfort him when he cries after my husband has set a firm boundary. Am I?”

“We are having a difficult time with our teenager. He does not respect our rules. What can we do?”

"My daughter is choosing to be friends with girls who are not even nice to her. What can I do to help the situation?"

“My daughter is in the fifth grade. Most of the little girls in her class were invited to a birthday party and she wasn’t. Should I talk to the hostess of the party?”

“I told my 13-year-old daughter not to cook if I wasn’t home. The other night I went to bed early and she decided to make bacon and eggs. When I scolded her she said she didn’t break the rule. What are your thoughts?”

“I am a recovering alcoholic and have not taken a drink for the last 5 years. My older kids have not had the opportunity to live in my home since I made this positive change. Is there anything I can do to reconcile with them and build trust?"

“My teenager wants to go to a New Year’s Eve party. What questions should I be asking before I make my decision?”

“My parents obviously favor one of our children. With Christmas right around the corner, how can I discourage them from buying more for this child than the other one?”

"We are seriously considering adopting a special needs child and our extended family is not being supportive. How would you recommend we handle their negative attitude?"

“I was a pretty pitiful mom for my girls when they were young and now I’ve changed my ways. How can I convince my 11 and 13 year olds that I’m truly different?”

"My daughter said something very rude to an adult recently. I'm not sure I handled it well. Any advice in case it ever happens again?"

"I've just started a new job and when I leave my toddler at the sitter she screams and cries. What can I do to help this situation?"

My 9-year-old son has been sharing a bedroom with his 7-year-old sister. The only other option is for him to share a room with his 3-year old brother. Would you recommend putting the boys together?

“My 5-year-old strong-willed son has completely taken control. He is disrespectful and disobedient. What can I do?”

“My brothers and sisters want to get together with all of our kids for a week this fall. Several of my siblings have chosen destructive lifestyles and I don’t want our kids exposed. What do you think?”

“Lately our son and daughter-in-law make plans with us and then at the last minute they change the plans. It just really hurts. How should we address this?"

“Our 5-year old strong-willed son is constantly defiant...talking back...stomping his feet...throwing a fit if he doesn't get his way. Why does he do these things?"

“Our son and daughter-in-law are asking us to provide childcare for their 2 kids so they can save money. Do we have to do this?"

“My 9 year –old daughter is very emotional. I wonder if she might be so strong-willed. Is that a possibility?"

“My daughter exaggerates, especially when she’s in trouble. What are some strategies to correct this?"

"Recently my eight year old daughter's behavior has changed radically. Some days she refuses to get dressed. She only wants to stay home. I'm not sure what to do especially as school approaches. Please help."

“I have two children, ages 12 and 8, and they fight all the time. I would appreciate any advice.”

“My daughter was frustrated at school last year, feeling misunderstood by her teacher who saw her as antagonistic. What can I do as the new school year approaches?”

"My 4 year old son acts up more in public than he does at home. How should I handle his public disobedience?"

"My 7 year old daughter has an issue with wearing shoes. She's in a summer activity this month where shoes are required and yesterday she threw a fit. What can I do?"

“My son’s little league coach is very volatile. At the last game he charged on to the diamond and pushed an umpire. My son wants to quit. Do you think we should make him finish the season?”

"Recently my 4-year-old son has been telling me I've hurt his feelings when I correct him. How should I respond?"

"Our 19 year old son has made many poor choices including moving out on his own. He's moving home soon as a self-declared "changed man" and we wondered if we should force him to make restitution for what he's done wrong."

“My 5-year-old son doesn’t seem to have any friends. How can I help him?”

“My husband and our adult son and daughter-in-law are engaged in a serious misunderstanding. I feel as though I’m trapped in the middle. Your advice?"

"When i give my 3-year old a choice about what to wear or what to eat, she constantly changes her mind. Do you think it's important for me to let her choose?"

“My son wants me to buy energy drinks for him during his summer sports season. What’s your recommendation?”

"Do you have any suggestions for choosing movies that are fit for my kids?"

“Last night we ate out and my daughter didn’t behave well. It was really embarrassing. What can we do to make sure that doesn’t happen again?”

“My 7 year old son isn’t very resilient? How can I help him bounce back when things go wrong?”

"If you could name only one attribute of a successful parent, what would it be?"

"I just became a mother-in-law and I want to do it right! What do I need to know?"

"I have 3 kids, help my husband part-time in his business, and am involved in ministry. I am exhausted! Any ideas that can help me?"

"I'm not certain that my 11 year old son understands that his teasing upsets his older sister. Could that be the case?"

“Our sons are two and four years old. I don’t want sibling rivalry to become an issue. Any tips?”

"Is it worth it to invest in "teach your baby to read programs"?

"As a dad, I work hard to maintain a good relationship with my teenage daughter. I'm beginning to wonder if it has been to the expense of my marriage. Is that possible?"

“We have a blended family and are wondering about the best way to handle discipline problems.”

"I don't know if my daughter is strong-willed or not. Can you give a description of a strong-willed child?"

“We have 2 biological children and an adopted child. My parents favor our biological kids, buying them gifts and not including our other child. What can we do?”

“My son and daughter-in-law need help with their parenting. I’m hesitant to offer it. What do you think?”

“My husband is a strong disciplinarian and I am not. I feel he’s wrong and he thinks I am. Who’s got it right?”

“Our 23-year-old daughter is making one poor decision after another. Should we force her into counseling?”

“My husband grew up in an abusive home. I understand, but I need help disciplining our son. How can I encourage my husband?”

“More often than not, my child is able to charm me into ignoring poor behavior and I fail to discipline her. Help!”

"Another child came over to my home to play and used very inappropriate language. How do I correct them?

"How do I help my child be on time?"

“I’ve heard you talk about a child’s currency. What do you mean by that term?”

"My child is extremely disorganized. Is this a bad thing? How do I help him work on this?"

"Of all the intangible gifts you received as you were growing up, what do you feel was the most valuable?"

"How can we help our child deal with a cutback in gifts this year?"

"How can we help our child enjoy reading?"

"Our child is very fearful. How can we help him deal with his fears?"

“It will soon be time to Christmas shop. How can I help my kids understand that we'll be cutting back on gifts this year?”

My child acts up when I discipline him. How do I settle him down?

My 3 year old is constantly needing attention and may be jealous of my younger child. Help!

My child has inappropriate things on his iPod. How do I talk to him about this without him rebelling?

My child constantly asks "Why?." How do I deal with this in a positive way?

How do I get my child to answer questions politely?

Are there any tips for potty training?

Should kids eat with their fingers?

Is it possible to give my kid too many choices?

My 4 year old acts up in public, but not at home. How can I control him?

Good Manners: Saying Please & Thank You

"My daughter graduated from high school in the spring. She spent most of her gift money foolishly and now I'm concerned about the choices she might make in college."

How To Fix A Mama's Boy

"Our 7-year-old daughter forgets our instructions very easily. She immediately asks for our forgiveness when that happens. Is there a way we can help her remember?"

My husband got a new job. We want to be together as a family, but is it good to keep moving the kids?

My Child's Throwing Tantrums When It's Time To Get Dressed. What Do I Do?

Should I use chores as a punishment?

Smart Media Choices For Teens

My Neighbor Has Her Child Explain Her Own Punishment To Me. Awkward. What Can I Do?

My Child Argues About EVERYTHING!

How to Get Your Child to Sleep in their own bed

My Child Favors One Parent Over The Other

Saying Sorry and Meaning It

How do I keep my child from becoming arrogant?

My Child is Being Bullied

Disciplining Your Child is a Must

Breaking the News About a Parent No Longer in the Picture

Misbehaving After a Loss in The Family

How to Encourage Good Behavior

Don't Short Change Your Kids

Too Old to Whine

How to Deal With a Temper Tantrum

How to Get Your Children to Stay in Bed

My Two Year Old Is Out Of Control

Dealing With a Strong Willed Child

How to Compromise With Your Spouse

My Child Doesn't Appreciate Presents

My Childrens' Fighting Drives Me Nuts

My Children Don't Apreciate Me

My Toddler is Shy

My Teenager Makes Bad Choices

Too Much T.V. Watching

Making Time for Yourself

Should Your Kids Hear You Argue?

Discipling Your Kids as Parents and not just Mom or Dad

Missing Your Children When They're at College

Don't Let Your Child Manipulate You

Too Much Texting

Getting Your Kids to Wear Coats Without Nagging Them

Keeping Your Kids Inside the Grocery Cart

When Kids Act Out to Get Attention

How to Determine if your Child Should Stay Home One More Year

Keeping Your 5 Year Old from Wandering Off

How to Control Your Child in Public

Self Control

Keeping a Clean Room

How to Keep Talented Kids Motivated

Setting Limits for Your 1st Grader

Setting Up Consequences for Your Kids

Helping Older Siblings Adjust to New Baby

Teaching a Strong-Willed Child

Keeping Up Communication

Giving Your Children an Allowance

2-Year-Old Responsibility

Trusting Your Children

Dealing with Your Child's Criticism

How to Discipline a Strong-Willed Child

Responding to Consequences

Controlling Your Emotions w/ a Strong-Willed Child

Disciplining a Strong-Willed Child

Strong Willed Versus Defiant Children

Encouraging Your Children

Helping Children Cope With Disappointments

Can Good Come From Video Games

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