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A Freeze Warning remains in effect until 9am this morning for the following counties in the abc/NewsChannel 15 viewing area:  Moultrie, Coles, Shelby, Cumberland and Clark.

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Entertainment News

Last Update on April 16, 2014 07:59 GMT


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The teams are now set for the start of live shows next week on "The Voice." Usher was the last to finalize his picks on last night's episode. He chose Bria Kelly, Josh Kaufman and TJ Wilkins. Shakira says Bria's range is astounding. Only 12 singers make it through, just three each from Team Usher, Team Blake, Team Shakira and Team Adam.

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LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Miley Cyrus has been hospitalized. A spokeswoman says the singer had a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics and had to cancel a concert in Kansas City, Missouri, last night. Cyrus is on medical rest on the advice of her doctors. She tweeted a photo of herself in what looks like a hospital gown. Cyrus called off a show in Charlotte last week because she had the flu. She's scheduled to perform tonight in St. Louis.

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LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Stephen Colbert (KOHL'-bayr) will be a guest on CBS' "Late Show." The network says Colbert will be on with "Late Show with David Letterman" on April 22. The show is Colbert's future home. The network announced last week that the host of Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" will get the show after Letterman retires next year.


NEW YORK (AP) -- Paul Walker's brothers are filling in to help finish filming on "Fast & Furious 7." Universal Pictures says Caleb and Cody Walker have been enlisted to complete the shooting of some of the film's action scenes. Production has resumed after being suspended after Walker's death in a car crash last November.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Johnny Depp says technology has its pros and cons. He says society is dependent on it, "it's got us." In his new movie "Transcendence," Depp plays a terminally ill scientist whose mind is uploaded into a computer after his death -- with what could be catastrophic results. Depp says he was immediately intrigued and curious about the premise from the first time he read it. He says many things goes through his mind when he thinks about the dangers of technology. He says it's a tool that's not inherently bad, but could be depending on what we do with it. "Transcendence" opens Friday.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Nicole Kidman had a different sort of role for "The Railway Man," because she played a real-life person who's still alive. Kidman plays Patti Lomax, the wife of Eric Lomax, a prisoner of war who was forced to build a 258-mile stretch of train track from Thailand to Burma. Kidman says she normally doesn't get offered roles like this and one of the things that attracted her is that Patti is someone who just loves her husband.

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NEW YORK (AP) -- Billy Crystal is bringing his one-man Broadway show "700 Sundays" to HBO. The autobiographical show he first performed in 2004 deals with Crystal's relationship with his father who died when he was 15. Crystal is proud of the production, calling it "a fully realized extent" of all the things he likes to do. He says when HBO approached him about filming the show, he thought, "you know what? It's time." He says now more people will see it. Crystal also says the show has become less emotional to perform over time. He explains that now that time has passed he's further removed from pain he felt due to the loss of his mom, other family members and friends, but now he can be more emotional in a better way and "freer with it." "700 Sundays" premieres Saturday, April 20, on HBO.

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LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Julia Louis-Dreyfus' co-stars think she'd make a great president. They say the "Veep" star would be a much better leader than her character Selina (seh-LEE'-nuh) Meyer. Actor Reid Scott says Louis-Dreyfus "can do it all." The show's Kevin Dunn says he thinks Louis-Dreyfus would "change the world." Fellow actress Sufe Bradshaw praises Louis-Dreyfus for being a team player. And "Veep" writer, director, producer Armando (ee-ah-NOO'-chee) says Louis-Dreyfus would be a better president than her character because the actress is a great listener.

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NEW YORK (AP) -- Actor-producer Michael Douglas is encouraging young people to make a difference. He spoke at U.N. event telling the audience members they are capable of changing the world for the good of all. Douglas is a U.N. messenger of Peace. He says young people are living in an amazing and challenging time -- when people are using things like Facebook and Twitter to shape public opinions and attitudes about important issues such as arms control. Douglas was there to launch a U.N educational booklet on proliferation published for students.

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BERLIN (AP) -- One day it's Rome. The next, Berlin. That's how it is for the globe-trotting Jamie Foxx. The actor has been attending the international premieres of his new movie "The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise Of Electro." He says he's been all over Asia for the movie. Foxx says he enjoys meeting fans and says that's "the fun time." His latest stop was in Berlin. He says it's one of the most welcoming places he's been. "The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise Of Electro" opens in the U.S. on May 2.

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Entertainment News


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The teams are now set for the start of live shows next week on "The Voice."

Business News

Asia shares rise, shrug off slower China growth

TOKYO (AP) -- Shares rose today in Asia, led by Japan's Nikkei 225 index, as investors largely shrugged off news that China's economy slowed in the first quarter.

Consumer Info

BC-US--Dow Record-Three Personal Stories, 1st Ld-Writethru,1173
Dow Record: Three tales of ups, downs and changes
AP Photo FX102, FX103
Eds: With BC-US--Dow Record. Adds photos.
AP Business Writer
   NEW YORK (AP) -- When the Dow first crossed 14,000, investors were overjoyed. ...

Get This


ROCK SPRINGS, Wyo. (AP) -- For sale: Wedding dress.

Science/Tech News


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- A trade group for wireless providers says the country's biggest smartphone makers and carriers will soon put anti-theft tools on the devices to try to deter rampant theft.

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